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GEN 7 Wines - Brookside Winery

Personalized Wine Experiences

Teambuilding — wine and business do mix! Our Epicurean Seminars cover various topics related to the history of wine, winemaking methods, and the relationship between food and wine. Employees will leave with a deeper breadth of wine and food knowledge that’s only available through a hands-on experience like this.

Which wine should you order for that important dinner meeting? What’s your wine personality…or your client’s? Corks or screw caps? Does it really matter what type of glass the wine is in? These are just some of the questions that will be answered in this three-hour seminar, which will sharpen employees’ food and wine knowledge while promoting teambuilding skills.

Wine Education

Would you like to increase your wine IQ? Winemaker Tim Bacino is passionate about wine, and he loves sharing his expertise at private tastings and group presentations. Tim was fortunate enough to be born into a winemaking family (he’s sixth generation), but you need not despair if you lack that lineage. Learn about the winemaking process, how to pair food and wine, and more by spending just a few hours with Tim.

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