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Gen7 Wines
November 18, 2021 | Gen7 Wines

Brunch Recipes

We love brunch! And we especially love brunch cocktails. In a recent Wine Pairing Masterclass, winemaker Tim Bacino, shared some of his favorite brunch recipes including his favorite brunch cocktail recipes which of course feature GEN 7 wines. As a special treat, you can view the full masterclass here and download the recipes here

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Featured Wines:

Dessert Wine: Noir de Noir

Sinfully sweet - Dark, deep purple with exploding rich jammy fruit. Hints of black cherry and aromas of stewed prunes. Full mouthfeel and balanced acidity with rich flavors of vanilla, chocolate-coated plums, and grape jelly.

Extravagant, Mysterious, Elusive, Enchanting, Distinctive, Refined, and Sensual describes Noir de Noir………our resurrected Black Velvet sweet red wine. This powerful and favorite formula was locked away deep in our family’s vault for over 35 years and is now ready to surface as our newest Phoenix to our continuously evolving line of wines. Indulge yourself, with a slightly chilled glass of Noir de Noir, by enjoying this wine in the late afternoon or the end of a beautiful dinner.


Sparkling Wine: ART Series Contortionist Sparkling Rosé

Amazing and refreshing! The taste of summer bubbles with subtle notes of strawberry and raspberry. A soft and subtle cool effervescent sensation on the palate with a crisp and clean finish. Food pairings would include triple cream French cheese, fried vegetables, or any seafood appetizers, hot or cold. We suggest pairing it with spicy Thai food and even sushi – but you might find the best way to enjoy this wine is anytime!



Private Cuvée Sparkling

Deliciously refreshing! You can feel the taste of summer with subtle notes of Asian pear and juicy stone fruit. This sparkling wine delivers a cool effervescent sensation on the palate. It is crisp with a clean finish that leaves you always wanting more. Food pairings would include an array of seafood and poultry appetizers, hot or cold. Spicy Thai and even sushi. This is truly a versatile wine. But you might find the best way to enjoy this wine is in the late afternoon on the porch or with some great friends!


Brunch Cocktail Recipes:

Noir Royale: 4:1 ratio of Sparkling to Noir de Noir

Purple Screw Driver: Layer light to dark. 3 oz vodka, 4 oz Sparkling, 2 oz orange juice, 2oz

Noir de Noir Devil’s Punch: Use a large glass or pitcher (double for the pitcher). 5oz spiced rum, 4oz pineapple juice, 3oz Noir de Noir, 6oz Sparkling



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