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Gen7 Wines
January 10, 2019 | Events - Upcoming | Gen7 Wines

Grand Opening Celebration on Napy Valley's Wine Train

When: Saturday, February 23
Dinner: Arrive-5:45pm, Board-5:50pm, Depart-6:00pm, Return-9:00pm.

Cost is $235 per person. Book/RSVP no later than January 22. Limited seating.

All aboard!!!! Join us for Our Grand Opening celebration on Napa Valley’s famous Wine Train.

Enjoy the comfort of our private train cars while we travel through the Napa Valley and back to another time: the glamorous days of rail travel.

This luxurious and culinary feast will be highlighted with our signature wines flowing throughout the evening.

A decadent journey aboard these elegant vintage trains awaits you.


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