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Gen7 Wines
June 5, 2014 | News | Gen7 Wines

GEN 7 – the Next Generation of Wines

By Frank Mangio – The week of January 5, 2014

A new wine release event flashed across the internet recently, to celebrate the bounty of a special harvest from the Gen 7 winery and its newest releases. It was a time of celebration for the Bacino family in the Crosby community in Rancho Santa Fe. This family came from a legacy of success with the famous Brookside Winery which produced wine for over 150 years in California and had a number of retail locations headquartered in Cucamonga in Southern California. Over

636 stores put the family in 6th place in wine sales nationwide in the 50’s, with over 6,000 vineyard acres. Tim Bacino is the current winemaker and he has a model to guide him in his efforts to make Gen 7 wine. “I’m not doing this just to sell wine, but to continue our family legacy. I want to pass it on to the next generation,” he promised. The Gen 7 name on the bottle reflects 7 generations of winemaking, including his daughter Gabriella who helped make the wine in his 2008 Road to Zanzibar zinfandel blend. Bacino is one of the growing trend in winemakers that source the best grapes available in California, like Napa Valley, Santa Barbara, Lodi and Temecula, and artistically blend the best together.

If you ask him, Bacino has a special affection for his Zinfandel and it was on a pedestal at his new release event, labeled as the 2010 Dryfarmed Old Vines Cienega Valley 1832 Zinfandel( $48.). These are plantings that are over 100 years old. His great Uncle left France in 1832 and came to California to make wine from a purchased 250 acre farm in Hollister, the first vineyards in the area. The 2010 is a very big Zin and shows flashy fruit with dynamic body and a peppery finish.

Gen 7 released 4 other new wines on this day: A Brut style sparkling wine; a white blend of Viognier and Muscat; a French style light and crisp Chardonnay with just a “kiss” of oak, from the Central Coast; a Cabernet Sauvignon with grapes from the Temecula Valley that Bacino says “will convince wine drinkers of the quality of Temecula grapes.”

Gen 7 wines have been on the market for almost 3 years now and are in some wine departments in grocery stores and wine shops in San Diego County. You can purchase these handcrafted wines at or call at 619-540-1986.


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