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Gen7 Wines
January 6, 2021 | Gen7 Wines

Vaché Société is Officially Here!

As California’s “first wine family” - we invite you to taste the difference that generations of wine-making experience makes by savoring our GEN 7 wines. For more than 180 years, our family has been making wine in the Golden State, and we remain passionate about producing varietals that appeal to anyone who loves wine, from connoisseurs to casual drinkers.

To offer a little background on our Vaché wines and our new Vaché Société membership, we first need to share our story. Our family’s winemaking story began in 1832, when Tim’s great, great, great, great uncle Theophile Vaché left France and came to America and established his vineyard and winery in the Monterey area.

Ultimately, he moved to the Los Angeles basin of the Inland Empire, where Brookside Winery was born. Shortly thereafter, a young Frenchman and mason, Marius Biane, came to work for the Vaché brothers and eventually married one of their daughters. The pair had four children, who, along with their sons, carried on the Vaché winemaking tradition and built Brookside into one of the U.S.’s largest wineries.

Brookside was sold in 1982 but in 2008, its rebirth began under the watchful eye of Tim Bacino (the sixth generation of the Vaché and Biane families). He’s following his heart and passion to restart a family tradition supported by his wife Susanné and daughter Gabriella (the seventh generation—GEN 7).

Their dream, to reestablish the preeminence of California’s Oldest Winemaking Family is being realized, one bottle at a time. 7 generations of love in a bottle.

The Vaché wines are our most exclusive because they are our most limited production. They are simply incredible and we are now offering a special membership program for those interested in these unique wines.

Vaché Société Membership 
• 12 bottles per shipment - Spring and Fall (Avg cost per shipment $1,125)
• Exclusive invitations to members-only winery events, virtual events, release tastings, fun outings, and more
• Special access to ALL of our first releases, Library, and Magnum collections
• Receive a 20% discount on all wine purchases
• Complimentary Vaché Société Tasting Experience for up to three guests, once per month
• Freedom to add wines to club shipments
• $1 flat Ground Shipping per order (Minimum 12 bottles per order)

The Vaché Société membership is only open to our current members due to the limited quantities available. Please join our mailing list below if you'd like to get our latest updates about Vaché Société membership opportunities and other GEN 7 news. 

If you are a current member and would like to inquire about upgrading your membership, please email Tim directly


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